Heading 1

Heading 1

Life is a journey home

What does this mean?

We are in the 21st Century. Increasingly we are faced with challenges both in our inner lives and in our external lives. We have to find a way to live with ourselves and our environment in new and creative ways. There is a great deal of inner work that needs to transpire in order to do this. 

There is much emphasis in the world on external achievement, outcome and result. But increasingly people feel dissatisfied with the 'rat race' and are looking for something else but do not know what this is.

Each of our lives is unique and we bring different gifts and abilities Yet this is difficult to acknowledge or express in the face of pressure to conform to what has been designated as 'the optimal life'.

Often people feel that what they have to bring is not good enough and that there is a right way of doing something that somehow they are not able to attain.

So most people find ways of coping, avoiding or escaping but the feeling that something is missing is always present.

If you feel you cannot get out of the “same-old” rut or relationship with yourself, or in your connections with people, you are not doing enough development work. You are probably trying to find fulfillment in external pursuits and the inner work remains as a seed of potential but nothing more. 

But it is the inner work that brings the flowering and fruiting.

None of us come to earth proficient in the art of being; we all have to learn to become our deepest, most authentic selves. Like the study of any other art, this requires dedication, practice and discipline – and, above all, for us to show up, commit to, and inhabit our lives.

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