My biography is distinguished by a profound and early passion for spiritual understanding. The question "Who am I?", and "What am I doing here on earth?" were resounding questions which ran like strong underground currents in my life. I completed a University degree with English and History of Art as majors, planning to teach. But teaching would come in another form. At the age of 24 I lived and worked in a spiritual community whilst working intermittently in the corporate world. This was an area of crucial development for 11 years.
On returning back from a trip to the U.S., I knew that I had hit a ceiling with regards to my work in this spiritual community. I felt I had the resources to make my spirituality practical, but deeper questions about karma and reincarnation lived in me. I embarked on a 5 year Eurythmy training which is a spiritual art form in the realm of movement. The foundation of Eurythmy lives in the spiritual philosophy called "Anthroposophy" - The Study of the Human Being. I found my spiritual home in Eurythmy, and my life and destiny were deeply altered."
I was invited to lecture at the Centre for Creative education on completion of my training. The Centre for Creative Education is the teacher training centre for Waldorf education. It was here that my two primary loves and fields of direction could be integrated. This is the realm of art and personal development. I began to deepen working with personal development, initiating and facilitating a profound personal development course called "The Art of Being".
At the same time I was constantly being asked to do counselling and set up my own private practice.

In 2002 another landmark of destiny came to meet me. I teach personal self-empowerment, and the necessity of moving away from 'the group/tribe' toward individualisation became paramount. I felt it was time to work independently with different groups. I personally feel that my destiny calls me to move away from the insularity and the safety of organizations. I sense that those of us who feel called to work with people must find new and vital ways of doing this. At the same time it is important to find authentic and working collaboration with others. This is a task for the present and the future.
What is my goal? "To encourage each person to find their destiny, their unique individuality, and their inner Holy Grail. To honour and respect the individual response of each one toward his or her life, and to encourage each one to take conscious responsibility for their lives.

This might seem like a tall order but as Ghandi said, ‘We must live the change we wish to see in the world".

And 23 years later working in the Art of Being I still know this!

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