As well as being a facilitator for courses I have been a practising therapist for over 25 years. I work with both individuals and couples. 
I have an eclectic way of working and use a combination of modalities which I have learned over the years. 
These include:
Gestalt therapy
Jungian archetypal work
Spiritual Counselling based on Anthroposophy
I also use process-oriented exercises which includes the use of art - pastel and clay work.
I have a natural ability and insight in working with people. I do not believe that therapy can be learned out of books. The most successful therapists must have inherent sensitivity, intuitive ability and above all a passionate interest in the spiritual individuality of the client.
My experience over the years has taught me that as a therapist I am part of the field, and like quantum physics proposes, I am not an observer but influence the field. This is in many ways a new approach to therapy and I believe the modern way of working in this very profound realm of energy.
A great deal of healing happens because of the relationship of trust that develops between the client and myself.
This is a privilege that I hold with reverence and sanctity.
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