The course is held every Tuesday evening from 6:30 - 10 p.m.

There are 4 terms with breaks in between (see below for details)


Term 1:  Tuesday 16th January - Tuesday 27th March


Study 1:   The 3 Fold-Human Being


                 23rd January  –  13th February (4 sessions including presentation)


Study 2:    The 4 levels of existence


                  20th February

                  24th February (Saturday at Silvermine)


Study 3:    The 4 Temperaments  


                  27th February – 27th March (5 sessions including presentation)


Break from 27th March - 10th April (1 week break)


Term 2:     10th April – 19th June 


Study 4:     The 12 Senses        


                   10th April –19th June (11 sessions including presentation)


Break from 19th June - 10th July (2 week break)                  


Term 3:      10th July  – 2nd October


Study 5:      Biography module (13 sessions)

                    (Weekend away 5th - 7th October on Vision Quest)


Break from 7th October - 16th October (1 week break)


Term 4:      16th October – 27th November


 Study 6:      The Inner child and Adolescent (8 sessions)
(Provisional weekend intensive: To be confirmed

Friday 9th November and Saturday 10th November)


Final presentation of the year

27th November


Closing Ceremony of the year

4th December


Please note: The dates for the modules are not fixed and are subject alteration. They will be finalised in 2018.

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