Curriculum for the Art of Being course

The metaphor for the curriculum can be likened to building a house. One has to start with a strong foundation and build it block by block.

This creates a powerful medium of stability for growth. But not only that. The course has an alchemy which is created by virtue of this step-by-step process. This magical alchemy is not possible without a strong and consistent structure.

Throughout the curriculum we use process-oriented artistic exercises to complement and help us understand what we are studying.


 Module 1The psychology of the human being – The three-fold human being.


There are 3 centres of consciousness (awareness) in the human being which work and function in different ways. These relate to the areas of thinking, feeling and doing.

Each of us have strengths and areas where we need further development in these 3 areas.

It is vital to understand the difference (our strengths and weaknesses) in each of these centres as they are so pivotal to our life expression.


Module 2the 4 levels of existence  


We have 4 bodies not merely a physical body.

This is an exploration of how the 4 elements “earth, water, air and fire” coincide with our “bodies” or “sheaths”. These latter are ‘invisible’ to the eye but the module reveals how they exist.  We ‘test’ this by virtue of observation of the physical earth, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom and the human kingdom.

We go into nature to observe and explore these elements/ kingdoms and honour the natural world through creating sacred spaces.























Module 3 – The 4 temperaments


This module dovetails with the above module and articulates the nature of our basic temperament/s. These are the melancholic, phlegmatic, sanguine and choleric.

You  will discover your strengths and your weaknesses in this intriguing module.

Learning about the temperaments makes us more aware of ourselves, but moreover we begin to see how these temperaments weave into our social interactions, and how through this we come to understand people more comprehensively. 

Module 4the 12 senses


Our senses are our windows to the world – but you will discover just how deep and far reaching this understanding is. The study is based on the foundation of the Psychology of the Human Being. This means that we understand that our senses are also spiritual, emotional and not just physical instruments of life.

This module is usually complemented with a body map in which we explore each of the senses via an artistic expressive journey through the body.

The body map uncovers an archetype as a tool of development.

(The Jhb. course will have a different artistic medium exploring the Senses)


Module 5 Biography work


Having created a very clear structure for the house of your being from this point on we move into the heart of your development.

We examine your particular unique life story through interactive and process oriented exercises and artistic expression.

We work in 7 year cycles unpacking the 'suitcase' that is your history. We lay it out objectively and see how we can bring further development to your life.

This biography work asks the questions:

What is your destiny? What is your purpose on this earth at this time?

At the end of the term we go away for a weekend together.

We undergo a “mini Vision Quest” as part of the weekend - see Vision Quest under Artistic Work/Gallery.

This weekend is a highlight and not to be missed! it is often the turning point in the journey.


Module 6Childhood/Adolescent dynamics


This is where we go into the cellar of the house. This means unpacking the childhood history. 

We acknowledge and embrace what has often crystallised in the darkness of our beings for a long time. The aim is to bring old patterns of behaviour, addictions, beliefs and emotional patterns to the surface and into the light.

It is only when we allow dysfunctional and old patterns to surface into the light that we can heal and go forward.

This module is accompanied by body gesture and learning the value and the power of sound.

Throughout the year the participant is asked to do a presentation at the end of each module. This is a way to assess what you have absorbed, and to assess where you are on the path at that point.



Work with Jungian archetypes is a tool that is used throughout the course. 


Alchemical group work:


The group work is the chalice for this process work and it is possibly the most powerful part of the whole journey.


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