Only those who have completed the Art of Being can do this Karma Workshop


The wishes of the soul are springing

The deeds of the will wax and grow

Life's fruit is ripening.


I feel my destiny

My destiny finds me

I feel my star

My star finds me

I feel my  goals in life

My goals in life find me


My soul and the great World are one.


Life grows more radiant about me,

Life grows more arduous for me

Life grows more abundant with me.   (R.Steiner)


This is really a poem/verse about karma and destiny.  Whatever we have set, and continue to set in motion in every lifetime comes to meet us. The wishes of the soul one could say are the intentions we carry from one lifetime to the next. We incarnate in a lifetime bringing with us the desire to evolve, as well as to resolve and balance out those aspects which we have left unfinished in prior lifetimes.  The deeds of the will must be, and will be met in a subsequent karma. One can say this is the iron law of karma.


It is important that this not be seen as retribution. There is no 'punitive God' who is dishing out punishment. No. We are the ones who create the karmic outworking of our lives.

This applies to all areas in our lives. Karma is never just an individual matter. This is a network of complexity, and the life which grows more radiant, arduous and abundant is a result of the karma stemming from former incarnations.


In this workshop we create this as a hypothesis and explore it. Karma and reincarnation is not something that can be verified by the intellectual, scientific and materialistic mind. It must be something which is examined, penetrated and lived into.

If one can truly take up the attitude that one is responsible for creating the reality of one's life then we stop running away. We stop the incessant restless search for meaning outside - always looking for fulfilment somewhere else. The action is where one is. Karma is exactly where one is! One's present life is exactly as it should be.



We  explore the myth of Adam and Eve.

This is the esoteric foundation for our work.

We  engage in ‘karmic’ exercises as a basis for understanding the past lifetime.

This will involve that you spend a certain amount  of time outside of the workshop building this foundation.


Process work:

To uncover, work with, and accept ‘an individuality/being’ from another lifetime as determining and influencing this life.  By doing so your present individuality can develop and fulfil the destiny tasks which are required in this lifetime.


Artistic processes:

We use art as a way of complementing this work


Review from a participant

Have you ever found yourself acting in a way that leaves you thinking: what was that? This is not who I am, who I want to be! And you also know that this is not something which you can pin onto your current biography. It is not a disorder from childhood but something else.  In Karen’s language, this kind of behaviour pattern is the result of a ‘karmic disorder’. In her Karma Workshop - the most intimate and intense of all the courses I’ve done with Karen - she guided us through a deeply personal and fluid exploration of this ‘disorder’. I was able to see how this behaviour pattern affected my life, blocking my expression of my softness and my spirituality, sabotaging my relationships and dreams. As always, the other members of the group played a vital role; through their feedback and mirroring I learned how my ‘disorder’ had an impact on others.

Making this behaviour conscious - coming into a more wholesome relationship with the ‘karmic being’ causing it - was a powerful process that has left me able to recognise the pattern when it arises. This is not an ‘instant fix’; it’s more like learning a skill that I must now take forward and practise! But instead of defaulting to criticism of the other person or the difficult circumstances - instead of being a victim - I am more resilient in the face of a challenge, and free to choose a more authentic, loving response.

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