This is from a participant from 2018
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This Thiss is from a past studen

A further personal testimonial from an Art of Being Participant

In the year that I turned 40 I experienced a deep need for an inner shift and a change, but did not know where to go for this. On the outside my life worked very well, but my inner world was blocked and so my family and other relationships, especially my relationship to myself, suffered. Through The Art of Being, which I committed to doing that year, and through the work that I have been doing during and continually after, my life has changed. My energy has shifted and my relationship to myself has expanded. I am more connected to myself and others and am much more able to appreciate the moment. I do not get depressed anymore! And I am not on anti-depressants. This is completely amazing, as I have lived with deep down periods for most of my life, which I had just accepted as “normal” somehow. Karen has taught me to take up responsibility for myself and to live with an energising mind/heart instead of an energy that drains. But this takes continual work and commitment. This course is a very important commitment to yourself and is not easy nor yields quick results. But if you really want positive change, and are prepared to commit to this within yourself, I would highly recommend it.

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