The Art of Being will be going into its 23rd  year of being 

Why would you do a personal development


What will it bring to your life?

How can you spend money on what is often deemed a 'self 

indulgent' activity?

Why is the course 10 months long! Why can't this course

be shorter?

All these questions are valid....

"It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that they are difficult." (Seneca)

This is a profound and unique course which continues to develop and mature each year. There are many reasons for this but possibly one of the main reasons is that the people who come to do it are at a point in their lives when they want to find a deeper and more sustained connection to themselves and to life. They want something more than the 'same old' and are prepared to commit to a path of development.  Maybe one of these people is you?

Of course we would prefer life to be easy. We would prefer to be comfortable and not have to venture into the unknown and feel fear. The necessities of life often feel difficult, mundane and burdensome and the result is the pursuit of pleasure, comfort and freedom to alleviate the fear that comes with the challenge.

Even those of us on a clear path of development can feel stuck and at times lost as we look for new and true direction from the future.We have to awaken anew every day not just physically but spiritually.

How - in the face of our search for endless fulfilment; our resistance to pain, in the face of our fear to dare and risk, in the face of doubt and deadening routine –can we awaken ourselves to a more enlivened, awake, creative and conscious life?


Are you living a second-hand life through technology and social media?

This course is about coming closer to your authentic self and making new choices out of freedom rather than ‘ societal and social conditioning.’

This course is for those who want to live with courage and develop resilience in the face of difficulty. It is for those who want to create deeper meaning, and who feel that their lives can impact the world. And they want to make a difference.


Creative development:

Art (pastels, clay, body maps, eurythmy and gesture) is used as a complementary tool for engaging with your heart intelligence. This is NOT AN ART COURSE. You do not have to be 'artistic' to do it. Art is used as a very powerful instrument of self-observation.


The Art of Being is an intensive journey over 10 months. Like any artistic practice it requires time and attention. It is through this practice that we begin to see that committing to ourselves is the deepest act of love.


The Three-Fold Levels of Being

The Four Levels of Existence

The Four Temperaments

12 Senses

Biography work


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