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Being in time


4 day retreat offered by The Art of Being


"Time, time, time
See what's become of me
While I looked around
For my possibilities
I was so hard to please."  (Simon and Garfunkel)



We live our lives day by day.  And time goes by. And in this stream of time we enact our lives. Mostly we fill our time with activity, people and things. But our lives are not just about living in the external world.  We also have inner landscapes. What are these inner landscapes? Can they give us meaning?

We can tend to live in possibilities. But if we are always looking around in the external world, and are hard to please, then we cannot, and do not fructify our worlds - both inner and outer. If we are starving on a soul/spiritual level we have no inner resources with which to nourish our worlds.  We run from activity to activity.

I suggest that every day we are met with 'something essential' that we need to pay attention to; that lives over and above earthly activity. I am not at all saying that we need to, or should escape from our earthly activity! But there is a spiritual stream that runs underneath our time on earth which sustains us and from which we may source our meaning. Separating what is essential in our lives from what is transitory is a powerful way of being present - in time.

This is not a self-help/mindfulness retreat to advance oneself spiritually, or to become a 'more realised person'.  It will help to awaken one to the reality, rather than the illusion of one's life.  It will bring a renewed connection to daily life; if maintained.  This creates a steady, calming reality in the long term. One can choose to remain being tossed about by the currents of the world, endless possibilities, and one's own emotions, desires and wants. Or one can choose to observe, and live within a deeper reality.


The retreat includes:
Meditation, Active imagination, writing your story, connecting with nature, artistic work, group activity, personal self-reflection, awakening, finding the 'essence' in each day.


There are 3 retreats in 2020.
Summer retreat:
Friday 6th - Tuesday 10th March
Winter retreat:
Friday 7th - 11th August
Spring retreat:
Friday 2nd - 6th October
Weltevrede Fig Farm in the Karoo (20kms outside Prins Albert)
 R4600 for the retreat. (Early bird discount of R400 if payment is made 2 months in advance)
A quorum of 6 people is required for each retreat.

(Art by David Newbatt)

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